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What are the differences between Gel & Acrylic?

Acrylics and gels are basically the same apart from the way they are applied and how they dry as can described below:-Acrylics also known as L&P (liquid and powder) consists of two components, a liquid and a powder, that start to cure (dry) as soon as they are mixed, body heat acts as a catalyst and decreases the curing time. Gels don't need mixing and they cure with U.V. light so can be worked with until placed under an U.V light box, or any other source of U.V. Curing time is usually between  about 1-2 min. The removal process is also different; acrylics can be taken off by soaking in Ultimover or acetone, while gel usually has to be filed off. iBi line of gels offers a new Easy Off Gel that soaks off in a way similar to acrylics. Some customers prefer one system over the other. Acrylic tends to be stronger while gels tend to give a more natural look.


Is the finished surface smooth enough to apply polish when using Express Nail Forms?

It is as smooth and shiny as glass ( results that cannot be achieved with handmade nails ). It gives the perfect surface to give you a stunning shine when nail polish is applied.

Can I use Tick Tocks for toenail enhancement?

If you can find the right size form then by all means, please do.

Do I have to charge allot less when I use Express Nail Forms to do my clients nail enhancements?

Pricing is totally up to you however in any case the charge should be at least the same as handmade nails as the end result is exactly the same, only difference is you have saved a lot of time for both you and the customer which we feel is worth a lot to the both of you. Most salons charge more for the express service.

Can I use each TICK TOCK more than once?

Depending on how well they are treated during the application, you can use the Tick Tocks up to ten times however issues of sanitation would preclude you using the forms on more than one client. As a final recommendation, if they are well sanitized between each use then they may be used several times, if not consider them disposable and considering the cost, they will have gotten you much more than they are worth even if used once.

Is there a danger of uncured product seeping out when applying Express Nail Forms

Express Nail Forms have a unique and distinctive structure which prevents seepage onto the skin surrounding the nail however if to much product is placed in the form there is always a possibility of seepage which should be removed before the product cures.

Isn't using Tick Tocks just a cheating way of doing nails if you aren't skilful at using a brush?

While Express Nail Forms are easier to learn and use they are in no way cheating. As technology advances are lives are made easier , think about how people had to move around on foot, horses or camels, while today you move around driving your hybrid Toyota, or how engineers had to calculate exact amounts of sand and cement to get the perfect concrete and had many laborers mixing the products with shovels and now they pick up the phone and get a truck of ready mix cement. No one is cheating, just taking advantage of technology. We feel it is just another method and in the end its your choice to take advantage of it or not.

Can I do French rebalance using Express Nail Forms?

For the quickest option, you would prepare the nails for a French Rebalance, then apply white powder over the tip in the ordinary way or white gel and cure. Then use a Tick Tock and one color of product and apply it over the top.

How do you rebakance nails that are made using TICK TOCK?

Prepare the enhancement for rebalance in the normal way. And use a TICK TOCK filled with one color of product to be applied over the top. For French rebalance you would once again prepare the nail as you would for a standard rebalance and then either apply the smile line in the form along with the pink/clear or apply the white smile line using gel directly on the enhancement and when cured use one color of product in the TICK TOCK and apply on the top.

Is this the end of technicians with talent?

There is a market and a requirement for all types of services. Some customers will never accept any nail enhancement that is not handmade, while others love being pampered during the nail enhancement procedure but on the other side in the dynamic world we live in some just do not have time and will opt for a fast yet brilliant nail enhancement using Express Nail Forms.

Won''t these Forms make it possible for anyone at all to do great looking enhancements?

We believe that you must have prior education on Acrylic and Gel nail application to fully understand and appreciate these Forms however without a doubt they will give new learners and less skilful techs competition quality results with ease.

Can I use pink & white colored powders for different French Looks with Express Nail Forms?

With a little bit of practice you can use any combination of colors to achieve different French designs and will soon discover that the sky is the limit. Please take a look at the video section to get a better idea.

When using Express Nail Forms will all the nails look alike?

All the nails will be perfectly balanced and structured which is usually the hardest thing to achieve however, when making French nails the position and length of the white tip is determined by you so care must be taken to give identical results. Free edge can be shaped to any desired shape.

How do you use Tick Tock?

You basically fill the inside of the form with your choice of acrylics turn it over and stick it on the prepared natural nail, wait for the product to dry then pop it off and Voilla !!! A perfectly structured, balanced and brilliantly shiny nail.

Why do my nail enhancements keep cracking and breaking?

 The longer the nail enhancement the more prone you will be to cracking and breaThe stress area is not built up enough or does not thin towards the side wall and cuticle area.  As a general rule the free edge should never be longer that than the nail bed.  The product is applied too thin.

Why are my enhancements yellowing?
  1. Only acrylics that do not contain UV inhibitors can yellow when exposed to UV light such as sunshine. All IMPRESSION products contain UV Shield and UV inhibitors that guarantee no yellowing or discoloration.
  2. Not allowing sufficient time for the primer to dry causing it to mix with the acrylics
  3. Contaminated brush, monomer or polymer.
What are Gel nails?

GEL NAILS are extremely natural-looking enhancements: thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing, nonporous, resist lifting. Gel nails can be used for natural nail overlays, tip overlays, and sculpted onto forms for short extensions, and to help encapsulate a damaged free-edge as it grows out.

What are the main characteristics of iBi (UNIQUE Gels)?
  1. Odorless
  2. Natural look & feeling
  3. Flexible
  4. Crystal Clear
  5. Light Weight
  6. No lifting!

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