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UNIQUE Professional Kit


This kit contains essentials that a professional needs to create the perfect French nail enhancement with a selection of iBiā€™s most trusted products.

Detailed Description

UNIQUE Professional kit includes everything you need to create many professional full sets of the most durable, flattering Gel enhancements.

Kit includes Base Gel ā€“ the first step in a three step process, Crystal Clear - a glass like clear with no shading or discoloration, Builder Pink ā€“ to enhance the natural nail bed color and aid in creating the stress area, Brush On French White ā€“ the perfect white for smile lines with pin point accuracy and our very special Tack Free U-SHINE specially formulated for the perfect high gloss finish.

Kit Contains

Uniqlean 120 ml 1 pc
U-Clean 120 ml 1 pc
Unique Base Gel 15 g 1 pc
Unique Builder Pink Gel 15 g 1 pc
Unique Brush On French White Gel 15g 1 pc
U-Shine 15 ml 1 pc
U-Bond 15 ml 1 pc
Cuti-Nourish Oil Pen 1.8 ml 1 pc
Cutisoft 15 ml 1 pc
Professional Nail Glue w/brush 7.1 g 1 pc
Classic Natural Tips / box 50 pcs
Unique Gel Brush #4 1 pc
U-Design Disposable Form 50ct
Level Nail File 280/280 1 pc
Final Touch All Rounder 1 pc
White Nail Block 1 pc
Dusting Brush 1 pc
iBi Lint Free Wipes 1 pkt
Dapping Dish w/cover 1 pc
Unique Instruction Pamphlet  


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