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UNIQUE Professional Kit


This kit contains essentials that a professional needs to create the perfect French nail enhancement with a selection of iBi’s most trusted products.

Detailed Description

UNIQUE Professional kit includes everything you need to create many professional full sets of the most durable, flattering Gel enhancements.

Kit includes Base Gel – the first step in a three step process, Crystal Clear - a glass like clear with no shading or discoloration, Builder Pink – to enhance the natural nail bed color and aid in creating the stress area, Brush On French White – the perfect white for smile lines with pin point accuracy and our very special Tack Free U-SHINE specially formulated for the perfect high gloss finish.

Kit Contains

Uniqlean 120 ml 1 pc
U-Clean 120 ml 1 pc
Unique Base Gel 15 g 1 pc
Unique Builder Pink Gel 15 g 1 pc
Unique Brush On French White Gel 15g 1 pc
U-Shine 15 ml 1 pc
U-Bond 15 ml 1 pc
Cuti-Nourish Oil Pen 1.8 ml 1 pc
Cutisoft 15 ml 1 pc
Professional Nail Glue w/brush 7.1 g 1 pc
Classic Natural Tips / box 50 pcs
Unique Gel Brush #4 1 pc
U-Design Disposable Form 50ct
Level Nail File 280/280 1 pc
Final Touch All Rounder 1 pc
White Nail Block 1 pc
Dusting Brush 1 pc
iBi Lint Free Wipes 1 pkt
Dapping Dish w/cover 1 pc
Unique Instruction Pamphlet  


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